[fashion photography] Isolation


Photo shooting made by Richard Kučera Guzmán for the fashion designer Marie Szénásiová for school project in Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava. This project was use for the presentation in final exam as in the Photography department as in the Fashion design department.

Fashion designer statement:
Isolation as purity, uncontamination, sterility, no interference, absence of time and experiences. Isolation as cut off from society and the rest of the world or as barrier against penetration of anything to the outside world.

Photographer statement:
In this project, I chose Marie as a fashion designer, because I like to cooperate with designers, which are not afraid to work with experimental materials or ideas. Before the photo shooting we decide to use materials which could narratively explicit the topic of the project. The materials for the photo shooting we had bought together once we agree on the topic. Visually we want to achieve clean and colour neutral pictures. For lighting setup, I choose daylight and white environment, that made light diffusing.

We had positive vibes from the photo shooting so I was expected also that same after the post processing. After I have shown up those pictures, I had only positive response on this project. I think that work with the daylight can be sometimes dramatic, because you cannot influent forecast of the weather, but it’s worth the effort.



clothes: Marie Szénásiová
photo: Richard Kučera Guzmán