2022 [Product Design, UX/UI Design, Branding] Art School


Name of Client
Art School Josef Vydra in Bratislava, Slovakia

Description of the project
Working on the redesign of a web application for one of the oldest art schools in Slovakia was a great challenge. The school had no definition of a vision, both in terms of user research and branding. I was thrilled that we had a completely free hand in the development and were able to build a solid system that works across all the applications the school uses. The unique feedback and feedback I received was directly from colleagues who worked directly at the institution.


Define new Brand identity for Art Highschool including typography, color definition, applications for daily usage.

Develop new design and construction system for the new web application. Define design system and paths and functionality for each site in the app.

Identify users and make research of the market

Resarch similar project for art high schools in central europe area.